Friday, February 8, 2013

Holy crap! My first Kickstarter for my first studio album!

I am so excited about this. My album will be called Home Alone Forever. It will be produced by Jon Corey at Steed Sound. It will be 12 tracks, probably clocking in a little over half an hour, and it will be the best thing that I have ever done, validating all of my life decisions.

All of this will happen, but only with your support. Check out the rewards, see what's right for you. But also, share it. Post it on Facebook. Post it on Twitter, with the hashtag "#studiosubrizi." Tell your coworkers. Whatever you do. No noise is too small or too big.

The ten-minute film above was made by my friend Andy Locke, documenting this nice intimate house show that I did for my friends last December. I could watch it every day of my life; sure, that's mostly because it's about how talented I am, but seriously, it's a great short film all on its own! Now, let's give it a happy ending.

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