Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Exes from Hell in Seven Days: Vermont's Independent Voice

The Crazy Exes got our first press last week. After we opened for The Smittens at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington, VT, Colin Clary told us we'd been named Bad Band Name of the Week by Dan Bolles, Music Editor for a local paper called Seven Days. But in fact, Bolles had called our name "maybe the best band name ever." Here's the rest of what he wrote:
Band Name of the Week: the Crazy Exes From Hell. Aren’t they all? This Boston-based duo describes itself as sounding like “Violent Femmes performing Rodgers & Hammerstein,” or if “the Moldy Peaches pulled a Fleetwood Mac.” You know what? I’ll allow it. But how ‘bout this? Imagine if Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan ditched the sweet acoustic bedroom-pop thing they do with their Smittens offshoot Let’s Whisper and started writing really agitated — and really funny — breakup songs. Yeah…

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