Monday, July 18, 2011

Who would like to review Newly Wild Hedgehog?

Perhaps it is unseemly of an author to make such a request, but it would be a great help to me, and I figured I ought to plant the idea in people's heads sooner than later, damage to my reputation for humility be damned.

First, you would have to read the book, which is free and may be found online here or downloaded to a reading device here.

If at this point you feel compelled to write about what you've read, I would (ever so humbly) encourage you to send what you write to one of the following locations:
  • The Scrambler
  • Radius
  • NOO Journal
  • Muzzle (You may need to wait on them, since they just closed submissions for their summer issue and I'm not sure how soon they'll want to look at stuff for the fall.)
  • Anywhere else I'm not considering.
Or, if you would rather not subject yourself to the possibility of rejection, you could add a review on the book's Goodreads page.

This would be very deeply appreciated.



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