Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my published work

Here is a list of all the places you can find things I wrote, all neat and in one place the way a list should be:

NAPNewly Wild Hedgehog, a free e-chapbook (here), "New Mouths" and "The World's Strongest Goat" (here) "The Ash Valley Tapes," "Delayed Takeoff," "Gifted and Talented Enrichment," "Many Days," and "What Leaves" (here)

Neon Literary Magazine—"The Last Meat," "Two Seasons of Crashing," and "Angel's Glow" (here)

Network Awesome Magazine—"Holidays in the Sun" (here) "Throwing the Wheels to the Sea: The Power of Staged Autocide in Harold and Maude and Quadrophenia" (here)

NOÖ Journal—"Buffalo Bill on the Beach" (here)

Monday Night—"Dawn Cuts off the Capital and Then Falls Back Asleep" and "In the Land and Time of Empty Beachside Towns" (here)

The Scrambler—“This Year Will Be the Year That Counts" (here), "In Captivity, the Urge to Migrate Grows Abstract," and "One-Boy Post Post Punk Band Behind the Music" (here)

Muzzle—“Among the Other Mourners of Zion” (here)

Amethyst Arsenic—"Dedication" (with audio) and "The Million Little Lights" (here)

Dinosaur Bees— "Migrating to Portland" and "Backstroke" (here and here)

Phantom Kangaroo—“After the Spawning” (here)

Breadcrumb Scabs—“Correct (Correct),” “Drinking the Water of Life Neat,” and “Ode to Deli Meat” (here)

The Montucky Review —"To the Spawning" and "In the Event That You Are Unemployed to Death" (here)

Ramshackle Review—“There There Now, Bus Buddy” (here)

The Legendary—“Lower Allston Revisited,” “My Father and I Discuss Animals,” “My Father and I Discuss Vegetables,” and “Virginia Beach, 2004” (here)

PANK—“‘A country road. A tree. Evening,’” "Radiatore," and “That’s a Pretty Song, Old Man, but I’ve Heard It Before” (here)


Kevin Spak said...

I am not sure you are getting enough props for how much ass you are kicking in the getting published department. So consider these additional props.

(Observation: Turns out you only have to use the word "props" in this manner twice before it starts sounding absurd and forces you to consider what congratulating someone has to do with objects used on stage.)

Steve Subrizi said...

Thanks Kevin!

Steve Subrizi said...

A "mad prop violation" sounds like it could be a pretty ugly scene.

Steve Subrizi said...

Also, there's more forthcoming, including one sort of exciting thing in July...

Sorilla said...

good stuff bro

Susie Rosso Wolf said...

Wow I admire you so much for putting your work out there. I've never had the courage to expose my work to the publishing world. I'm a little shy with my poetry. Not sure why. Anyway, this is so wonderful for you and I'm cheering you on as a fellow writer. Please drop by my New Prairie Woman blog to read excerpts of my true story novel, comment and follow me if you can.

Best to you!