Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ramshackle Review

Ramshackle Review is an online literary magazine on their second issue, which included poetry by Howie Good (eerie-good) and Justin Hyde (heartfelt-and-heartbeat-quick-good).


The Most Boring Thing

I've been in Connecticut since Thanksgiving. This is becoming a problem for me, spiritually. Last weekend I heard non-ironic use of the phrase "Coldplay wine tasting." But more troublesome than that, my parents are locked in a bitter legal battle with their neighbors over the placement of a swing set.

One day, likely enough, I will own property. The value of that property will grow more important to me than the relationship I have to the people living near it. Or that is one of the thoughts keeping me awake at night.

My parents are not especially malicious or passionless people. My mother is a speech therapist for kindergartners. My father sang and played lead guitar in bands when he was my age. They live to make their family happy. Every evening for about an hour they kvetch and bark about this child's playscape. The eyesore. The nerve of them. The costs. Is this what lies at the end of the funnel of a successful domestic life?

This is not, to me, an example of "more money more problems" as much as "more money, different and more fake-sounding problems." But it's as real to them as the twisty green slide we can see from the porch. If I stay here much longer, I might bury myself alive in mulch.