Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ian Khadan and Connor Dooley

Ian and Connor are a couple of friends of mine from New Jersey. Connor runs the LoserSlam out in Long Beach, whose "rag-tag" team beat the infamous Slam Charlotte in their first bout at Nationals this year.

These two guys did a double-feature at Cantab last night, and they put on a really good show. It wasn't "rag-tag"; it was "rough-and-tumble." They managed to charm the audience without wasting time with too much banter. You could just tell how much they enjoyed performing together, and how much they enjoyed performing for our venue. I said on the mic, and it proved very true, that Ian and Connor don't play "good cop/bad cop," they play "suckerpunch cop/kick-to-the-gut cop." They brought a little bit of the funny and a lot of the heartache, and now they're touring the country, and anyone who doesn't see them should feel very sorry for missing the chance.

And their CD sounds awesome. Okay, now I'm done gushing.

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