Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting published a little online, just remembered that I have a blog

Okay, so I knew I had a blog all along, but I didn't know what to put here for a couple of months (combination of writer's block and feeling too lazy to try new recipes).

Yes though, the first part is true: a couple of online literary magazines have decided to include some of my poems. Here are three of my poems on Mad Swirl, and here is their poetry forum on which my poem "Cozy" appears.

Also, Word Riot has accepted "2029" (known by those familiar as "The one where I kill Sam") and (to my amazement) "Seaweed Baby," a 30 line poem from the perspective of a crying infant caught in seaweed. I'll link to them again when they put those up.

Both of these magazines have published work by Sarah Morgan, who just completely rules. I keep saying that her use of imagery is destructive in a really satisfying way, and I that's the best/only explanation I can seem to conjure as to what rules about her poetry. I will admit that I may or may not know what that even means. She says she has exciting news for me, but she won't tell me what it is, so I don't know what that means either.

Sam wanted us to adopt a cat when we move in together and name it Meaning so that when s/he gets lost we can say that we're "looking for Meaning," but I told him no, because "come on."