Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have shows now!

And I'm even telling you about them this time!

This Friday, for example, I'll be doing a reading at Church of the Advent (over by Charles/MGH)with my friend and esteemed colleague Christopher Kain, who just last night gave a beautiful feature to the Emerson Poetry Project. I'll be reading some of my quieter poems, but there will still be drinking and probably cussing.

Also, on Sunday, May 3rd, I'll be playing a half-hour set as part of an acoustic night set up by another one of my friends, singer-songwriter Tony Lovell. I'm on at 9, but you should get there by 7 if you can, because that's when Tony goes up, and he is fun.

The other dates are on my "shows/readings" menu to your right. I'll post more about them as the dates near.

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