Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Fucked Up!

First, I had a show at Gallery 263 and didn't say anything about it on this blog (though I guess that's mostly okay since most of you got invited on Facebook? I hope.) I have a few shows coming up in the next month or two, and I promise I'll tell you about those as soon as I do some fact-checking.

Then, when I played that show last night, I covered this song, "Pablo Picasso," and introduced it as a song by one of my favorite songwriters John Cale, when in fact, it is by another one of my favorite songwriters, Jonathan Richman.

It was a weird mistake for me to make, since the song is on The Modern Lovers' self-titled album, one of my favorite albums and the main thing that I listen to when I'm delirious on good weather and salty air and full of love for my home city. But John Cale was the producer of that album, and (here's where the slip comes from) he covered this song on his (unbearably cool and Eno-ful) 1975 album Helen Of Troy. I heard that version first. Anyway, here's my version:

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