Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm re-posting this poem of mine from 365/365

I already posted this on the public and private 365/365 sites, but I thought I'd put it here too, since it's a pretty complete articulation of how I'm feeling right now, and then I'd just add that I'm home and I'll be blogging here again. There will also be a couple more vlogs on the Two Sensitive Guys blog.



I want to be knitted alive into a body-sized cozy
made of organic fair-trade soy yarn
by very creative people who are skilled at knitting.

While these creative people knitted my cozy,
I would feel like I was being touched by the feelers
of large furry insects who were curious about me.

The cozy would wrap my body completely,
leaving no openings wide enough for anyone to see any of my face.
(To survive, my body could maybe develop photosynthesis.)

They could leave me in a hip art gallery
and hipsters could come and look at me lying there,
and I wouldn't have to worry about doing anything to impress them.
I wouldn't have to worry about doing or saying anything ever again.

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