Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Come see me and Sam read in Cambridge this Monday

This Monday (Groundhog Day), Sam and I will be the featured poets at the Stone Soup Poetry Series, which takes place at the Out of the Blue Art Gallery starting at 8pm. We'll probably be starting our set at around 9, but you should come early and do the open mic unless you really have to be late.

This is the only local stop we currently have booked, so unless you want to pay us to read in your basement (doable, btw), here's your chance to be a part of the Two Sensitive Guys experience.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

my "Fuck Chicago" mix

I will admit that it's unfair of me to say, "Fuck Chicago," but my bias--based on the week I spent there to play The Green Mill with Sam--is so great that I reserve the right to make a mix and call it that. I could explain to you what happened in Chicago and why I feel this way, but I think the songs--well, they're more interesting. There are also some poems about it here.



1. "I Don't Want to Get Over You"-- The Magnetic Fields

I guess I should take Prozac, right? / And just smile all night / at somebody new

2. "The Denial Twist" -- The White Stripes

So now you're left denying the truth / and it's hidden in the wisdom in the back of your tooth, you need to / spit it out in a telephone booth while you call everyone that you know / and ask them, "Where do you think she goes?"

3. "It's All Over" -- Willie Nile

It's all over / It's all over / It's all over / It's all over / It's all over / It's all over / It's all over now

4. "Favorite" -- Neko Case

Oh lie, I thought you were golden / I thought you were wise / Caught you returning to a house you caught fire / But I know that I was your favorite / and I said Amen

5. "Everything I Try To Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right" -- The Decemberists

[The title pretty much says it.]

6. "Seymour Stein" -- Belle & Sebastian

Promises of fame, promises of fortune / L.A. to New York, San Fransisco back to Boston / Has he ever seen Dundee? / Won't he hire a limousine? / Seymour, send her back to me

7. "Just Like Honey" -- The Jesus & Mary Chain

I'll be your plastic toy

8. "Nobody's Fault But My Own" -- Beck

Treated you like a rusty blade / a throwaway from an open grave / Cut you loose from a chain gang and let you go

9. "I'm Free Now" -- Morphine

I've got guilt, I've got fear, I've got regret / I'm just a panic-stricken waste, I'm such a jerk / I was honest, I swear / the last thing I'd wanna do / is ever cause you pain

10. "Country Mile" -- Camera Obscura

Once again, I'll be the foolish one / thinking a blink of these lashes would make you come / Don't you worry, don't get in a state / I don't believe in true love anyway / Oh, who's been pessimistic now?

11. "Say You Miss Me" -- Wilco

I've been losing my mind / wasting my time

12. "Glory" -- Liz Phair

You are shining some glory on me

13. "Fly" -- Nick Drake

Please, give me a second grace / Please, give me a second face

14. "How Do You Think It Feels" -- Lou Reed

How do you think it feels / to feel like a wolf and foxy? / How do you think it feels / to always make love by proxy? / How do you think it feels? / And when do you think it stops?

15. "Pink Bullets" -- The Shins

When the kite lines first crossed, we tied them into knots / To finally fly apart, we had to cut them off

16. "Where You've Been Hiding" -- Architecture In Helsinki

I wrote you a letter in capital letters saying all that I care for / all that I care for is / where you've been hiding

17. "Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver)" -- Elvis Costello

I see a look of recognition, so well hidden in your eye / and your game show regulations, they just don't seem to apply

18. "Who's Your Girlfriend" -- Adam Green

People like me should not have a phone

19. "2:45 A.M." -- Elliott Smith

I'm going out like a baby / a naive unsatisfiable baby

20. "It Wasn't Me" -- Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins

I'll use a pop song to clear my name / Beneath the bridges of fame it's always nighttime / I'll end with a closer and say goodnight

21. "Every Little Bit Hurts (Live)" -- The Spencer Davis Group

Come back to me / Darling, you'll see / I can give you all the things that you wanted me for / if you will stay with me

22. "Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod?" -- The Mountain Goats

And alone in my room / I am the last of a lost civilization / and I vanish into the dark / and rise above my station

23. "Boxers" -- Morrissey

Losing in front of your hometown / the crowd calls your name / They love you all the same


When your last-track pick-me-up is a song by Morrissey, I guess you're in kind of a Place, huh? Well, so it goes.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

James Lindsay

James Lindsay is one of my favorite local poets and has inspired my work quite a bit lately. He's the kind of poet who makes you believe that he's writing to you off-the-cuff until he suckerpunches you with his subtle imagery and wit. I just found his website and thought I'd post it. It's http://www.wasjameslateforworktoday.com/.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm re-posting this poem of mine from 365/365

I already posted this on the public and private 365/365 sites, but I thought I'd put it here too, since it's a pretty complete articulation of how I'm feeling right now, and then I'd just add that I'm home and I'll be blogging here again. There will also be a couple more vlogs on the Two Sensitive Guys blog.



I want to be knitted alive into a body-sized cozy
made of organic fair-trade soy yarn
by very creative people who are skilled at knitting.

While these creative people knitted my cozy,
I would feel like I was being touched by the feelers
of large furry insects who were curious about me.

The cozy would wrap my body completely,
leaving no openings wide enough for anyone to see any of my face.
(To survive, my body could maybe develop photosynthesis.)

They could leave me in a hip art gallery
and hipsters could come and look at me lying there,
and I wouldn't have to worry about doing anything to impress them.
I wouldn't have to worry about doing or saying anything ever again.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

This year I'm trying to write one poem per day.

A bunch of my friends and colleagues are doing it too. You can read them all here.

Again, all of my blogging this month will be done with Sam here.
It's mostly video blogs. We incorporated a puppet.