Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I made a blog for Two Sensitive Guys

It's here. We'll be vlogging on it, and posting tracklists from our mixes, and maybe regular-blogging a little too.

The Providence show is tonight! I'm excited to do this. Simone tells me that the venue is a vegan bar and grille. I'm like, "Yes."

Here's a thing I would like to do with my life: open a vegan bar and grille, and then start a weekly open mic in it. I don't have anything approaching business know-how though, so I'd need someone to help me a lot.

UPDATE: It turned out that the venue was Ryk McIntyre's venue, which is a non-vegan cafe, and not Jared Paul's venue, which is the vegan one. So now I've got egg on my face, so to speak.

Heh. Egg. Veganism. Ryk would like that one.

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