Saturday, December 13, 2008

about the poems in Textured Vegetable Protein-Based Miracle Subsitute

The Buzzing Searchlight of Responsibility (0.3 pg): This poem is about wanting to stay in bed instead of participating in the world. Its main character is Batman.

Graduating the Weekend (1.1 pgs): This poem is about graduating college and still living in an apartment that your parents are paying for, and not knowing what to do and being scared of your landlord. I costar in it with my roommate's cat, Butch. read it here

Decorative Squash (2.3 pgs): This poem is about those little squashes that you see in store windows around Thanksgiving time, and how they make me angry. read it here (it comes second)

Four Greeting Cards (0.6 pg each): I wrote these four poems in the style of Hallmark greeting cards (more on that here).

The Buzzing Heat Lamp of Romance (0.8 pg): This poem is about how complicated sex lives can get, and how boring that is even though pop media makes it out to be a big deal. It stars Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Julia Roberts.

We've Been Calling Him No-Name (1 pg): This is a flash fiction about a stray cat.

Kwansaba for Dennis the Wayward Manatee (0.3 pg): This poem is about this.

Meat Joke (0.4 pg): This poem is about how non-vegetarians sometimes stigmatize vegetarians and vegans, and how uncomfortable that can be for everybody. read it here

Poem Written via Text Message (1.3 pgs): This is one of three form poems in this book. Each line is 20 characters long and each stanza is 160 characters long, except for the last stanza, which can be shorter, like an envoy.

After Watching the Detectives (1.2 pgs): This poem is about a very tense and difficult evening I shared with someone I really loved.

My Heart is a Professional Hurricane (0.6 pg): This is the book's second form poem--it's a ghazal. The title comes from a poem by my friend Carlos Williams. read it here / listen to the song

To Imitate Their Natural Habitat (0.3 pg): This poem is weird.

My Eagles Adieu (1.3 pg): In this poem, I speculate on how Napoleon must have gotten pretty depressed when he was in exile.

One-Boy Post Post Punk Band Behind The Music (0.4 pg): This is the final form poem in the book--it's a "13 ways," which is where you write 13 sentences that say the same thing, which I interpret very liberally. It's about being 13 years old and pretty depressed. listen to the song (it comes second)

How to Invest in the Future of Teenagers (0.8 pg): This poem is about this.

Going-Away Party (1.2 pgs): This poem is about how my friend Artie is going through a divorce, but most of my other friends and I are a little younger and mostly just drink and flirt. It takes place at my friend Jess's house.


Jess said...

How can I get a copy of your chapbook?

Steve Subrizi said...

Well, it just so happens that Sam and I are planning to spend some time in NYC between Indiana and Philly (last week of January), so I'll keep you posted, but chances are we'll be at all of that week's mics. Maybe I'll see you at Bar 13?

Steve Subrizi said...

P.S. I'm totally going to read your essay soon (I'm shooting for Wednesday). I've just been all over the place lately.

Jess said...

Sweet. Can't wait. Keep me posted.
And no rush, of course, with the essay. I'm on no deadline. Everything in good time.

Cheers to being all over the place.