Thursday, December 18, 2008

2. Short Prose

Consumers frequently send us letters (sometimes several pages long!) thanking us forproviding the perfect sentiment to help them begin, enhance, or mend relationships.Often that sentiment is short prose, which may include one or more of the following: casual tone, word play, powerful imagery, fresh insight, humor, whimsy, and surprising(yet relevant) word choices.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just look in the mirror and say,
"What shoes go with this stress?"

It's your day!
So don't even pretend
you're not the center of attention.

Necessary things in life- Lip gloss Coffee Speed dial Perfect jeans Shoe sales Friends like you
Sometimes when we're hanging out together, I'll just look at you and think to myself,
"Is there anything better than this?!"
(There isn't.)

Write a short prose sentiment for each of the following three situations:

1. Keeping in touch with a college friend at Christmas

I'll be missing you over the break, pal,
but when I sit down to Christmas dinner,
my family gathered around, our heads bowed,
you'll be right there with me--
I'll see your face on the glorious body dangling from that big wooden "t."
You know I would kill for you just as quickly.

2. Helping a co-worker cope with trouble at work

A word about your boss:
he is not the invisible hand that deals Solitaire;
he's the secretly anxious smiley face on the top of Minesweeper.
So click. Drag. Blow up whatever.

3. Teasing a relative who's having a milestone birthday

Here's just one more reminder
that life's a rat race
and you're a few laps ahead of the rest of us.
A quick word about the finish line:
It's a trap.

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