Tuesday, November 4, 2008

uncontrolled experiments in fooding

Casey's feature was excellent. Duh.

Carrie had a potluck on Sunday, which I guess was kind of spur-of-the-moment, but a lot of people were there, but they were mostly Emerson film students who wanted to talk about film shoots and Lost, so it was kind of a wash for me.

But! The potluck was Autumn Harvest-themed, and I did some cooking for it that went pretty well.

I worked (yet again) out of Veganomicon, this time a recipe called Grilled Yuca Tortillas, preparing a recommended variation using a mixture of sweet potatoes and black beans instead of the fancypants yuca. Basically, you mash the sweet potatoes and beans, and you stir-fry garlic, diced yellow bell pepper, and jalapeno with some lime, you mix all that shit together, and you grill it in a tortilla.

All of this I did, BUT ALSO, I chopped up some tomato and onion, and I threw in some lime and coarsely chopped mint. Mint pico de gallo, ladies and gentlemen (yes I know it usually has chile too, but I worked with what I had left. The mint was leftover from some mint juleps I made for another party).

It went with the sweet potato so well. I actually had some leftovers with guacamole instead, and it wasn't nearly as good.

Seasonal food, I'm telling you. It's the way to go. If you have money, you can have whatever you want all the time in this country, but I submit to you that that is not what good eating is about. Someone who knows food (possibly Simone) once told me: good food is fresh ingredients in the right order.

I hope you're voting today. I told my parents and sister that if they don't vote for Barack Obama, I'm going to get really drunk on Thanksgiving and embarrass everybody.

Who am I kidding though, I'll probably do that either way.

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