Monday, November 17, 2008

tour dates

My friend Sam Teitel and I are going on a poetry tour. We call our tour Two Sensitive Guys because we are very deep and have feelings and shit.

These are all the shows we have so far:

November 22: Basement show at Kevin's house in Northampton
(doors at 7:30, show at 8:00; 12 Union Street, Northhampton, MA)

December 1: Emerson Poetry Project, Boston, MA
(same night as the "prom slam," in which slammers perform the lyrics of pop songs; time and location TBA.)

December 6: Sam's Living Room at Hampshire, Amherst, MA
(tentative; door at 7:00, show at 7:30; Enfield, mod 57, 893 West Street.)

December 9: Gotpoetry Live, Providence, RI
(doors at 7:30, show at 8; 300 Thayer Street.)

December 11: LoserSlam at Inkwell, Long Branch, NJ
(show at 9, suggested $5 donation; 665 Second Avenue.)

December 12: The Bridge Café, Manchester, NH
(show at 7, $3; 1117 Elm Street.)

December 16: Port Veritas at North Star Café, Portland, ME
(show at 7; 225 Congress Street.)

December 18: The Ship, Worcester, MA
(show at 8; 1 Millbury Street.)

December 21: Worcester Poets Asylum, Worcester, MA
(doors at 5:30, show at 6; 335 Chandler Street.)

January 3: The Mercury Café, Denver, CO
(showtime TBA; 2199 California Street.)

January 4: Denver Youth Slam Workshop, Denver, CO

January 5: Pretty Boys School For Public Speaking, Denver, CO
(show at 7; 17th and Wazee.)

January 11: The Green Mill Uptown Poetry Slam, Chicago, IL
(showtime TBA; 4802 North Broadway Avenue.)

January 13: Safe Smiles at The Trace, Chicago, IL
(show at 10, $3; 3714 North Clark Street.)

January 30: Philadelphia, PA
(details forthcoming)

February 10: Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
(show at 9; 415 South Street.)

There might be a gig in Indiana too, and after all of this, we'll be doing a reading at Stone Soup. I'll let you know.


Maxwell said...

Idaho? All I'm saying is that it ain't going anywhere.

CR said...

I wish I was going to be in Illinois when you guys are there... fuck LA.

YoYoPunk said...

If you guys need a place to stay while you're in Worcester, let me know!

Sam said...

I don't think the second Chicago gig is Mental Graffiti...Its another thing that Billy Tuggle puts on.

The Green Mill show is at 8.

Steve, you are an attractive young man.

This road trip is going to be so, damn...

H.M. said...
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H.M. said...

HEY STEVE! Which of the Chicago shows should I bring all of my friends to? Also, are either of those non-21+? --Peter

Steve Subrizi said...

Well, I did some googling, and it looks like both Green Mill and Safe Smiles are both 21-up. I'm surer about Safe Smiles than I am about Green Mill, however, since my information about the former came from the Safe Smiles myspace, whereas my info about the latter only came from City Search. I'm not sure how tight a ship Marc Smith runs or anything, but it is a bar.

Anyway, I hope you guys can come anyway.

DJ Muse said...

Holy fuck! Green Mill?!?! All the hot young things out doing the poetry wonderfulness. *hugs* Miss you back "home" at the Cantab.