Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hallmark emailed me back!

Dear Steve Subrizi,

Thank you for your interest in a Creative Writer/Editor position with Hallmark Cards.

This sounds like they're taking me seriously. It's obviously a form letter.

All writing roles at Hallmark are full time and are at our headquarters in Kansas City, MO.

This takes care of whatever sincere interest I had. I don't want to have to keep explaining to people that I don't live in the "Kansas City" Kansas City. But let's just read on a little bit...

To evaluate your writing style, we would like for you to complete a short writing assignment (attached).


So I now have a page worth of sentimental writing prompts, the results of which I will post here at the estimated rate of one per week. My goal here is not to land the job.


Steve Subrizi said...

Apparently, the Kansas City in Missouri actually IS the "'Kansas City' Kansas City." That doesn't bring me much closer to moving there though.

CR said...

haha Steve that's awesome.
And you're right, "Kansas City" is in Missouri not Kansas... I actually knew someone who said it was a pretty happening place. They also lived in Iowa.

Charley said...

Steve, you're a fucking genius. No, seriously. This is great. When do we get the first one?