Tuesday, October 21, 2008

searching for a purpose...

If you are one of the two (two?) readers of this blog, you may have noticed that there has only been one post, and that post was mainly about how I was going to start this blog.

This is mainly because I've been pretty unsure about what this blog's "purpose" should be. I don't want to use this to kvetch out into the inter-waves about how angry or sad or stressed or bored I happen to be on a given day. But I do want it to be a "personal affair," and not just a site devoted to, say, every time I see a poetry show or read a chapbook, either with idle gossip or some pseudointellectual attempt at serious criticism. What I have decided is that I should "strike a balance" between these extremes, and that the best way to do this is to "actually write things here."

So, let's try this:

Okay, first, I would like to institute a "section" of this blog, which I will call The Most Boring Thing. Here, I will tell you about something that I believe will be kind of boring to you, but which I want to share for some reason.

The Most Boring Thing

Today I made myself milktoast. Milktoast is made by boiling milk and then pouring it on a slice of toast. It's a charmingly boring food. The word "milquetoast" (n) describes a person who is timid and nebbishy (this originates from a cartoon character called Caspar Milquetoast, who was named after this boring boring dish). It is soothing to upset stomachs, and I have an upset stomach today because I did an unusual amount of drinking and late-nighting last weekend.

To make the milktoast, I used Canadian white bread, which I "toasted" by baking it in my toaster oven because the toast button is broken; I used soymilk because I'm a vegan.

I've been really good about observing the veganism over the past month, but I just got an email from my Grandma saying that she's sending me a package of mondel bret (delicious treat that my friend Max Goldberg once aptly called "Jew-scotti"). Mondel bret, of course, has got butter and eggs.

My Grandma (bless her sweet loving heart) doesn't know I've gone from plain veggie to full-on serious Vegan Face. I don't know how to tell my extended family about this without getting into a series of really uncomfortable ethical conversations. It's bad enough when politics comes up.

Thanksgiving is coming. I think that's why so much of my poetry has concerned veganism lately.

By the way, the only reason I haven't been sharing my poetry on this thinger is that I'm doing this thing called "The 30/30 All Stars." A bunch of poets, mostly from the Greater Boston Area, are writing a poem a day throughout October (we started on the 2nd). I'd link to the blog, but it's "members only" and we're not allowed to publish outside of it. Maybe I'll post some of mine after it's done. We 30/30-ers will be doing some readings around town, which I will tell you about.

Okay, so that should give you some idea of how things will be here. Deal? Deal.

<3 Steve

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