Sunday, October 26, 2008


I don't usually have dreams, but I had some last night, and since Charley blogs his dreams and it works out pretty well, I thought I'd try it too. So let's see:

It's my birthday. I go to Cantab, and there's a plastic bag at "my seat" (I guess Simone made assigned seats because we had been too rowdy last time). The bag has a frozen vegan pizza, a bunch of notebooks, a collection of poems by Dustin Pedroia (whom I understand to be a contemporary of Lorca and not a baseball player), and a large stick that I could see using as a walking stick with a scarf tied to the "handle" and a piece of paper dangling from it that says "Salt the moon."

I initially assume that Jamie got all of this for me, but then I find a note from Tom Daley. I think, "This is way more than I would expect Tom to give me for my birthday, but I must remember to thank him."


At the end of a long day of school, I come home just knowing that my friends have thrown me a surprise party. Sure enough, I open the door and there's Adam and Lauren, the Gringos, and a smattering of Cantabbers and Emersonians. I have a ridiculously positive interaction with the girl I had a huge crush on through most of college, and after we kiss, she turns into a completely different person, who wears makeup and jewelry and has long hair and I think Ugg boots. I don't feel any differently about her, but she has to go catch the bus so I tell her I'll call, or she can call, or whatever. I feel weird about going back to the party after that, so I just walk around the city for the rest of this dream.


I'm at the cafeteria of my new school, sitting at a long table across from Sarka, my first girlfriend who has since gone vegan and inspired me also to go vegan (her real name is Sarah, but I'll use her nickname to avoid confusion).

It's dessert time, and at this school they manage dessert much the way that a summer camp might--teachers walk around with big boxes of the day's dessert and give us each one item. Sarah Palin is coming down the row with a box of ice cream cones. Sarka makes a snark about her that I don't quite hear but laugh at anyway (I thought I heard "lipstick" and "pig" in there somewhere).

When Sarah Palin gets to me, she hands me my ice cream and I say "thank you" and start to unwrap it. I'm very close to eating it when I realize that it's not vegan. I look at Sarka disappointedly and she says, "You should try these popsicles. These popsicles, they're pretty great." She hands me one--she's got a whole crayon box of them--and I try it and say, "These are vegan? Wow." It's french toast-flavored.

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Charley said...

SARAH PALIN = LUNCH LADY. I don't understand why I didn't see it before.

Also...french toast flavored popsicles? That's the most ingenious idea I've ever heard.