Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I may or may not be "the prettiest girl in school,"

but this is what my new girlfriend keeps calling me, so I'm naming my new blog after it, even though I might regret that later. To grow as a person, one has to commit acts and then regret them.

Which is maybe why I've shied from having a blog for so long. I had one at the beginning of college, but as I became a less repulsive person, I started remembering repulsive monologues that I had posted onto my blog and got really self-conscious and wanted to delete them, which I did, and then I stopped making a journal that other people could read. Actually, I stopped making any kind of journal, which was a bad idea since I'm supposed to be a writer.

I went to Emerson College to learn to be a writer. Then I graduated last spring, which I guess means that I'm completely a "writer" now, especially since I don't have a "real job." This fall, I'm teaching advanced ESL at the school down the street from me, but that's just two nights a week; I'm also the intern for Rose Metal Press, but that mostly means I check their PO box in Brookline; mainly I am unemployed and mooching off of my parents while living in a duplex in Lower Allston, and no one will hate me more than I hate myself, if only because there is peace of mind to be found in superlatives.

The following items might or might not prove that I am allowed to call myself a writer as my main identity:
  • I go to Cantab's open mic on Wednesdays and usually read.
  • I will do a poetry feature at Stone Soup on the October 6th.
  • I'm going on poetry tour with my friend Sam Teitel next year.
  • I am disappointed that all four of these lines did not end up being the same length.

Anyway, the best part of me calling myself a writer is not that you get to see that I am a little pretentious and then feel like you're a little better than me; it's that there's a distinct possibility that some of my posts will be poems/short stories/interesting to read, and not just longish journal entries like this one.

In closing, I refer you to Tao Lin's blog, which is the website that led me to making this blog.


Jarboe said...

This is good. I am glad you are blogging. I am amused that I had anything to do with the title.

Reading this reminded me why I use LiveJournal more than my account here: I can friends-filter. Oddly enough, though, so few people know about this account so that it's somehow... more private... whatever.

Yes, yes. Share your poems and your pretentiousness with the world. You know how excited I get when you are non-humble. Secretly everyone else agrees.

ryan manning said...

the next night we ate whale